I need your help.

Hi there, this blog is more like a question to you people. Obviously google is loaded with information but I need genuine advice. Considering you people who are mostly readers or writers, I consider you as people of great wisdom and aptitude.

So help me with this. Recently I have noticed that I am losing. Losing everything. I just can’t find the competitive feelings inside me, I scored really bad grades and got a horrible grade point average. I have become really terrible at sports too. I try to study but I can’t. So the help that I need is THAT HAVE YOU MY DEAR READERS EVER GONE THROUGH SUCH A PHASE?

A phase where you just find yourself losing and motivation levels are lower than ever.



2 thoughts on “I need your help.

  1. My feeling would be to stop for a day or two and do as little as possible. Give yourself time so that solutions or options may present themselves. Thinking about various paths in life, if one is on the “right” path then it seems that things will often work out in your favor. Perhaps you need to consider whether there is an alternative path (could be any aspect of your life – studies, career, location, relationship, lifestyle, etc.) that doesn’t feel right.

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