Farewell teenage!

Yes you guessed it right, your boy is turning 20 this month. Can I still call myself a boy? I don’t really feel any different mentally or physically but I guess that so is the concept of age. Today you’re 19. Tomorrow you’re 20. Okay that maybe didn’t come off as cool as I wished.

The blog that I am writing is especially aimed at early teenagers. Plus it’s also meant for people who are older as I want to know things they would’ve told to their 20 year old self.

Moving on, here are a few very important things that I through experience have learned and realized and and I want to comprehensively share with you guys. I’ll keep these as original as I can.


1) Specialize 

Be good at something. It’s as simple as that. The age that you are in now is the best to polish yourself. Your mind is swift, your body can adapt plus you learn easily and much quicker, needless to say the ample time of practice that you have. Why did I put this on number 1 you ask? Because life is a race, you got to make your value. You can’t be “average” and expect miracles. So my dear young energetic fellows, dont waste all your time on random stuff. Just find your passion or your interest and get better at it, be it any sport, art, music or anything. You can do it. Because this is your time to groom.

2) It’s not the end of the world. 

“When you’re young everything feels like the end of the world. But it’s not; it’s just the beginning.”

You are just getting started. You have way more ahead of you. So trust me when I say this, that girl or boy that just seems out of reach is not worth it anyway. There is no point crying over them because a year later, you wont be the same person. That’s the thing about early teenage. And that exam that you didn’t score good in, it doesn’t really matter. You just have to make sure that you develop the habbit of hardwork and that’s all. You tried your best. Make this habbit of working hard. The results right now do not matter that much.

It’s okay not to score good, not to fit in, to be different. It’s all okay because in a few years time everything will be better.

3) Enjoy this time

This time will not come again. Love it or hate it(though I prefer the former) you’ll never be this weird semi-adult again. The highschool charm, the lack of responsibilities and comparitively easier studies. You better enjoy it because life in college can get a little messy to be honest but they get more open and fun too. That’s a different debate though.

Love your parents. Show them gratitude for what they do for you and be thankful for every good person that comes through for you. Do not pay attention to the naysayers, to the haters because they DO NOT MATTER.


And that’s it. 

I’ve attempted to make it original and a little less mainstream. Plus it’s a blog after a really long time so apologies for the not-so-good style or any errors.

And finally, I’ll write it again requesting the 20+ fellows to comment the most important thing they would’ve told to their past 20 year old self. Enlighten me.

Thanks a lot for your time and attention.



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