More generous than Hatim al-Tai

via Daily Prompt: Generous

Hatim al-Tai. The name is familiar. An Arab poet who is famous throughout history due to his unparalleled generosity. The word generosity is synonymous with Hatim al-Tai in many cultures. We think of him as the most generous human being but he himself thought otherwise.

One day, a companion inquired him about the most generous person Hatim al-Tai had ever met. He replied that once a man fed him and his forty other companions some camel meat, he was the most generous person he has ever came across. Surprised the companion added about the little magnitude of this favour compared to what Hatim al-Tai had been doing his entire life. To this, Hatim al-Tai explained that the man served them liver of one of his camel and upon being praised for the delicious food, he kept on bringing more. After the large group of people had eaten they inquired about where the meat had come from and found out that the man had slaughtered his entire herd of camel just for the liver part so that he could so graciously feed the people. The man sacrificed his entire herd just to feed fellow humans.

This teaches us a simple thing, we can all be generous. It doesn’t matter about how much we possess, it’s all about the intention to bring good, it’s all about the heart that wants to make this world a better place.


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