Food for Thought: Recharge

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Imagine the world runs out of electricity all of a sudden. Frightening, right? We won’t be able to charge our cellphones, laptops, and many other things we just can’t live without.

What about you? As a human. What recharges you? Sleep, food, rest. Yeah those are all correct. But there is one other thing that we always tend to overlook. OXYGEN. You breathe it in more times than you care to count but we tend to overlook it. But we should not.

Where does this Oxygen come from. What recharges our environment with Oxygen? TREES. So we all must take a stand against all the deforestation that is going on and engage or support projects of afforestation. We need to restore balance. We need to recharge our atmosphere. Lets all make a pledge, for a better world. GO GREEN!

Leonardo di Caprio after winning the Oscar didn’t really make a typical speech. He addressed environmental issues like global warming. This must be something important right. As he wanted people to know about the environmental issues our Planet is facing. Think about it people!

Lots of love.


13 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Recharge

  1. Good post with an important msg

    You must be a nature lover! Aren’t u?

    But which one!

    Those who capture into the lenses
    Or those who sit around and feel 🙂

    Keep writing!

    (Wat shud I call u? :p its okk if u wanna hide. I had done this too haha)


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot kind human :p
      Yes ofcourse I love nature! But I haven’t really captured it. I enjoy it. :))

      You obviously love to capture it, right? Plus you’re really promoting Nepal in a positive way.

      Yeah, just being a little anonymous. But my picture is there. :p
      What do I call you though?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you, thank you for stopping by my blog post and liking one of my blog post and following me! I hope my page continues to be of interest to you. Also, very good read. I am looking forward to reading more pieces from you.


    Liked by 1 person

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