Hey there! So this is a very bewildering yet interesting thing that happened to me. Wind back the clocks to 2011. I was a kid, 14 years of age. I had to get something from the plaza about 50 meters from my house. I took my bicycle and set off.

As a kid always day dreaming, I reached the Plaza, purchased whatever I had to and came back home ON FOOT. Can you believe it? Went on bicycle, forgot I had gone there on my bicycle, came back home walking. As I reached my house, someone from my family inquired about my bicycle. Mini heart attack haha.

I rushed back to the Plaza only to find nothing. The bicycle wasn’t there. After quite some time of looking, I came back home disappointed, accepting that my foolishness had cost me my beloved bicycle.

Now I had nothing to ride on but I finally accepted it, I have no choice other than to just forget about it. Unfortunately.

Fast forward two months. I had some work that happened to be in the same Plaza. I entered the building, went to the shop and when I was about to exit the building, I saw something. A RED BICYCLE tied to the staircase that looked exactly like mine. But it was all polished and decorated with stickers that made me question whether it was mine or not. As I was looking at it, a man from the opposite shop came inquiring. “Is this bike yours?” I asked. He said “Yes.” I wasn’t convinced. I told him that it looked exactly like my bike that I had lost.

At this point he started laughing. He admitted that this bike is not his. He found it outside the Plaza where it was there for about a week after that he decided to just take it home and clean it. This confusion is still there in my mind as I checked the entire building perimeters when I had lost it. Things didn’t match up. This question still remains.

Now with this thing that it was indeed my bike that I had LOST. I asked, “Can I take it?”. That’s when he said “You’ll have to pay for it”. After a short pause he said “with a box of sweets” and gave me a cheerful smile.

I took my bike. Went to the sweet shop. Got him sweets, which we ate in a cheerful way. That man was one of the best people I have ever met and this Act of KINDNESS still inspires me and teaches me to be a better person and to be compassionate towards those who are in need.

So this was one very confusing yet bright story of my life.

Stay safe and lots of love!



11 thoughts on “Story: Lost Bicycle.

  1. I really have to laugh at this story. When I was around the same age I did the exact same thing. I was with some friends and we went to a local baseball field to hang out. They walked. I rode my bike. I walked home with them. I went back that evening after I realized what I had done and the bike was gone. My parents informed the police officers and it was found and returned a week later. Cheers to getting our bikes back!

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  2. Hey! Can you believe me. I used to this as a child a lot of times. And I’m 18 years now. And I did it with my bike again a few weeks back.
    Also it baffles me, but sometimes people are just really kind. You expect the world to be the worst place ever,but there are still kind people out there. I think there’s still some for humanity. Don’t you think so?

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    1. Humanity still exists. It’s just that we can’t rely 100% on people to show it. But when people act humane, it’s definitely pleasing.
      I’m 19 and this bike incident still amuses me.
      How did you get your bike back? For how long did you leave it?

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