Hello there, this is my first blog. I didn’t write an intro or something because as we people move along we will definitely get to know each other. Or in other words, it would’ve been really boring reading an intro of a person who is yet a rookie LOL.

Dear readers! Why is it that we procrastinate? Like about everything until it becomes an absolute necessity (like our homework or assignments) or in other cases something that you could’ve done,ย something you had an interest in,ย but you didn’t. Oh the regret.

Actually our mind has a lot of things planned. It is that we just never think that NOW is the right time. Well, guess what? The so called RIGHT TIME, actually never comes. You have to take any moment and make it the RIGHT ONE.

And allow me to give a very effective tip. You know that we focus a lot on “HOWs?”. How will I do that? How will I deal with this? All of these Hows raise a lot of question marks. Well, YOU HAVE TO LET GO OF MANY OF THESE LITTLE QUESTIONS, that make you anxious. You have to just step in the activity and everything will just be unlocked in REAL TIME. You can’t plan everything. Some things will be decided AT THE SPOT. Well MOST of the things.

Consider me, I have been planning to start this blog thing for two weeks and just kept on thinking and delaying(due to the HOWs) but today I finally sat on my computer table. Invested an hour, found this great and easy-to-use site and here I am, writing for you people. If it wasn’t for SO MUCH THINKING, I would’ve been two weeks ahead in this new work already.

So to all the readers, please get up. Whatever the things are you want to accomplish, get to them right now. You should plan but don’t turn that planning into anxiety and do not waste a whole lot of time planning. You only have a limited amount of time. Don’t waste it procrastinating. Don’t just exist. Start doing. Start living!


The author.

P.S every viewer on this blog is really special to me and I appreciate you all for giving me views on this blog. This has been a simple yet very important blog. More and better stuff upcoming.

Disclaimer – I do not own the title image. Courtesy: quotefancy


14 thoughts on “Start Living!

      1. I will always love and support you though i don’t know who you are & where you from.But i know you through your writings,and I know you are an amazing person.I am not able to comment on your writings,Be assure i read your blogs everyday,and I was also begginer and still is.So with supporting each other,We are gonna be amazing.

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  1. I like your honesty. And yes, we do procrastinate. I started a blog several years ago, posted on it a few times but then I gave up. Just this past February I lost my last cat to cancer and had decided that I’d never get another one. But the quiet in the house really got to me and I ended up with my Luna. I started a page on FB for her but it didn’t go so well. FB lost my photos and deleted some of my posts so I decided to create the blog I have now for my fur baby. I gave some thought to using it for my own personal posts but it didn’t go as I wanted so I set up a second blog for myself. I am now in competition with Luna for followers. She’s got 23 and so do I. So the bottom line here is that I’d like to follow you and see how you get on and cheer you on as well. Happy blogging and definitely write your heart out and stop procrastinating. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. OMG you are so kind!
      So sorry to hear about your first cat. That must have been so hard to come to terms with that loss.
      Wow, I must admit that admist all this, you didn’t give up. You are one determined fellow. I hope I can be like you.
      And I am speechless for your support. I have a lot of stuff going on so I’ll try to cope with it.
      Thank You. ๐Ÿ™‚

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