The India-Pakistan Situation.

It’s common knowledge that India and Pakistan are passing from some seriously dangerous times. With nuclear arsenal available to both short tempered countries, we COULD’VE witnessed a war like none other in history.

I say COULD HAVE because that threat has been (hopefully) averted. But one thing still bothers me. The thing that was, is and unfortunately will be the cause of mediocrity for both India and Pakistan alike. Our ATTITUDES towards EACH OTHER.

Amidst all these terrifying war rumors there were many people who were in fact CHEERING for war. YES. CHEERING. People actually wanted war to happen. It saddens me to see that sub-continent that could’ve been the greatest piece of land with great minds, loads of talents, every sort of geographical Blessing is infected by such ill mindsets that we are almost third world countries. A barren land like the gulf is way more advanced than us. And yes I know we all attribute that to the OIL. But there are plenty of hidden minerals here as well, just that they have not been found. Frankly, our priorities are different.

What we all forget is that our foremost priority as creatures is the betterment of standard of life. Yet we get so immersed in everything that we forget. War will bring misery to us. You and me. These politicians will flee. Modi will flee. Those who will suffer are YOU AND ME.

Lets be smart guys.

Lets be safe.


I need your help.

Hi there, this blog is more like a question to you people. Obviously google is loaded with information but I need genuine advice. Considering you people who are mostly readers or writers, I consider you as people of great wisdom and aptitude.

So help me with this. Recently I have noticed that I am losing. Losing everything. I just can’t find the competitive feelings inside me, I scored really bad grades and got a horrible grade point average. I have become really terrible at sports too. I try to study but I can’t. So the help that I need is THAT HAVE YOU MY DEAR READERS EVER GONE THROUGH SUCH A PHASE?

A phase where you just find yourself losing and motivation levels are lower than ever.


Farewell teenage!

Yes you guessed it right, your boy is turning 20 this month. Can I still call myself a boy? I don’t really feel any different mentally or physically but I guess that so is the concept of age. Today you’re 19. Tomorrow you’re 20. Okay that maybe didn’t come off as cool as I wished.

The blog that I am writing is especially aimed at early teenagers. Plus it’s also meant for people who are older as I want to know things they would’ve told to their 20 year old self.

Moving on, here are a few very important things that I through experience have learned and realized and and I want to comprehensively share with you guys. I’ll keep these as original as I can.


1) Specialize 

Be good at something. It’s as simple as that. The age that you are in now is the best to polish yourself. Your mind is swift, your body can adapt plus you learn easily and much quicker, needless to say the ample time of practice that you have. Why did I put this on number 1 you ask? Because life is a race, you got to make your value. You can’t be “average” and expect miracles. So my dear young energetic fellows, dont waste all your time on random stuff. Just find your passion or your interest and get better at it, be it any sport, art, music or anything. You can do it. Because this is your time to groom.

2) It’s not the end of the world. 

“When you’re young everything feels like the end of the world. But it’s not; it’s just the beginning.”

You are just getting started. You have way more ahead of you. So trust me when I say this, that girl or boy that just seems out of reach is not worth it anyway. There is no point crying over them because a year later, you wont be the same person. That’s the thing about early teenage. And that exam that you didn’t score good in, it doesn’t really matter. You just have to make sure that you develop the habbit of hardwork and that’s all. You tried your best. Make this habbit of working hard. The results right now do not matter that much.

It’s okay not to score good, not to fit in, to be different. It’s all okay because in a few years time everything will be better.

3) Enjoy this time

This time will not come again. Love it or hate it(though I prefer the former) you’ll never be this weird semi-adult again. The highschool charm, the lack of responsibilities and comparitively easier studies. You better enjoy it because life in college can get a little messy to be honest but they get more open and fun too. That’s a different debate though.

Love your parents. Show them gratitude for what they do for you and be thankful for every good person that comes through for you. Do not pay attention to the naysayers, to the haters because they DO NOT MATTER.


And that’s it. 

I’ve attempted to make it original and a little less mainstream. Plus it’s a blog after a really long time so apologies for the not-so-good style or any errors.

And finally, I’ll write it again requesting the 20+ fellows to comment the most important thing they would’ve told to their past 20 year old self. Enlighten me.

Thanks a lot for your time and attention.


More generous than Hatim al-Tai

via Daily Prompt: Generous

Hatim al-Tai. The name is familiar. An Arab poet who is famous throughout history due to his unparalleled generosity. The word generosity is synonymous with Hatim al-Tai in many cultures. We think of him as the most generous human being but he himself thought otherwise.

One day, a companion inquired him about the most generous person Hatim al-Tai had ever met. He replied that once a man fed him and his forty other companions some camel meat, he was the most generous person he has ever came across. Surprised the companion added about the little magnitude of this favour compared to what Hatim al-Tai had been doing his entire life. To this, Hatim al-Tai explained that the man served them liver of one of his camel and upon being praised for the delicious food, he kept on bringing more. After the large group of people had eaten they inquired about where the meat had come from and found out that the man had slaughtered his entire herd of camel just for the liver part so that he could so graciously feed the people. The man sacrificed his entire herd just to feed fellow humans.

This teaches us a simple thing, we can all be generous. It doesn’t matter about how much we possess, it’s all about the intention to bring good, it’s all about the heart that wants to make this world a better place.

Food for Thought: Recharge

via Recharge

Imagine the world runs out of electricity all of a sudden. Frightening, right? We won’t be able to charge our cellphones, laptops, and many other things we just can’t live without.

What about you? As a human. What recharges you? Sleep, food, rest. Yeah those are all correct. But there is one other thing that we always tend to overlook. OXYGEN. You breathe it in more times than you care to count but we tend to overlook it. But we should not.

Where does this Oxygen come from. What recharges our environment with Oxygen? TREES. So we all must take a stand against all the deforestation that is going on and engage or support projects of afforestation. We need to restore balance. We need to recharge our atmosphere. Lets all make a pledge, for a better world. GO GREEN!

Leonardo di Caprio after winning the Oscar didn’t really make a typical speech. He addressed environmental issues like global warming. This must be something important right. As he wanted people to know about the environmental issues our Planet is facing. Think about it people!

Lots of love.

Story: Lost Bicycle.

Hey there! So this is a very bewildering yet interesting thing that happened to me. Wind back the clocks to 2011. I was a kid, 14 years of age. I had to get something from the plaza about 50 meters from my house. I took my bicycle and set off.

As a kid always day dreaming, I reached the Plaza, purchased whatever I had to and came back home ON FOOT. Can you believe it? Went on bicycle, forgot I had gone there on my bicycle, came back home walking. As I reached my house, someone from my family inquired about my bicycle. Mini heart attack haha.

I rushed back to the Plaza only to find nothing. The bicycle wasn’t there. After quite some time of looking, I came back home disappointed, accepting that my foolishness had cost me my beloved bicycle.

Now I had nothing to ride on but I finally accepted it, I have no choice other than to just forget about it. Unfortunately.

Fast forward two months. I had some work that happened to be in the same Plaza. I entered the building, went to the shop and when I was about to exit the building, I saw something. A RED BICYCLE tied to the staircase that looked exactly like mine. But it was all polished and decorated with stickers that made me question whether it was mine or not. As I was looking at it, a man from the opposite shop came inquiring. “Is this bike yours?” I asked. He said “Yes.” I wasn’t convinced. I told him that it looked exactly like my bike that I had lost.

At this point he started laughing. He admitted that this bike is not his. He found it outside the Plaza where it was there for about a week after that he decided to just take it home and clean it. This confusion is still there in my mind as I checked the entire building perimeters when I had lost it. Things didn’t match up. This question still remains.

Now with this thing that it was indeed my bike that I had LOST. I asked, “Can I take it?”. That’s when he said “You’ll have to pay for it”. After a short pause he said “with a box of sweets” and gave me a cheerful smile.

I took my bike. Went to the sweet shop. Got him sweets, which we ate in a cheerful way. That man was one of the best people I have ever met and this Act of KINDNESS still inspires me and teaches me to be a better person and to be compassionate towards those who are in need.

So this was one very confusing yet bright story of my life.

Stay safe and lots of love!



Hey there everyone. As you all know, it’s the weekend and we all deserve a break now don’t we? So I decided to share about a very popular TV series with you, incase you haven’t seen it.

Sherlock. This series is owned by BBC, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and trust me it is one of the BEST things you’ll watch. has a collection available online and absolutely free. Go check it out! And comment the TV series you people are particularly fond of?

Lots of love.



Starting at a new place

Hi everyone! So you guys know that it’s September already which means the end of summer holidays and the start of schools, colleges and universities.

And for some of us, it’s extra special because we are joining a new institution.  I am going to start university. Now what to expect? From my past experience of joing a new place I will try to get some key information to you guys.

Yes, we all tend to forget this but things can not be the same. However, it’s not something to freak out about. The change is for good and only when you decide to change is when you start to learn and grow as a person. Moreover, within a few weeks you will adjust and the new place will no longer be the NEW place, it will be where you belong.

It is okay that you are not making tons of friends right away. After all it is a new place and you need to give yourself time. Just stay confident, wear a smile and don’t slouch!

Making new friends does not mean forgetting the old ones, stay in contact!


Once again, I wish you all the best for your new journeys. Remember God is with you, and everything will be fine!

“And suddenly you know… It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

The author.

Start Living!

Hello there, this is my first blog. I didn’t write an intro or something because as we people move along we will definitely get to know each other. Or in other words, it would’ve been really boring reading an intro of a person who is yet a rookie LOL.

Dear readers! Why is it that we procrastinate? Like about everything until it becomes an absolute necessity (like our homework or assignments) or in other cases something that you could’ve done, something you had an interest in, but you didn’t. Oh the regret.

Actually our mind has a lot of things planned. It is that we just never think that NOW is the right time. Well, guess what? The so called RIGHT TIME, actually never comes. You have to take any moment and make it the RIGHT ONE.

And allow me to give a very effective tip. You know that we focus a lot on “HOWs?”. How will I do that? How will I deal with this? All of these Hows raise a lot of question marks. Well, YOU HAVE TO LET GO OF MANY OF THESE LITTLE QUESTIONS, that make you anxious. You have to just step in the activity and everything will just be unlocked in REAL TIME. You can’t plan everything. Some things will be decided AT THE SPOT. Well MOST of the things.

Consider me, I have been planning to start this blog thing for two weeks and just kept on thinking and delaying(due to the HOWs) but today I finally sat on my computer table. Invested an hour, found this great and easy-to-use site and here I am, writing for you people. If it wasn’t for SO MUCH THINKING, I would’ve been two weeks ahead in this new work already.

So to all the readers, please get up. Whatever the things are you want to accomplish, get to them right now. You should plan but don’t turn that planning into anxiety and do not waste a whole lot of time planning. You only have a limited amount of time. Don’t waste it procrastinating. Don’t just exist. Start doing. Start living!


The author.

P.S every viewer on this blog is really special to me and I appreciate you all for giving me views on this blog. This has been a simple yet very important blog. More and better stuff upcoming.

Disclaimer – I do not own the title image. Courtesy: quotefancy